John's tutorials

999John from John’s DIY Playground has been developing a bunch of interesting projects and node customizations around this gateway software. He has been using a MoteinoUSB as a gateway for his Moteino wireless network.

Here’s his overview of installing the gateway image to his RaspberryP. He also walks through the basic settings setup and interacting with a node for the first time:

In the following video John goes into the details of the configuration files that are behind the gateway software. It’s a good walkthrogh for those that want to learn more about customizing their nodes and understanding more of the data and setting structures. Some features shown are obsolete, for instance settings can now be edited directly in the UI, and the gateway app can be restarted from the settings page also, no need to pkill to restart the gateway.

In this video he shows how to add a simple Moteino node that can turn an LED on/off from the Gateway web interface, and also reports the light level from a light sensor:

One my favorite video’s John ever made shows a completely custom node that controls and monitors his utility room. A perfect example of how to build both a custom hardware node with different attached peripherals, as well as how to setup a new customized gateway node to control and monitor that hardware: