Video introduction to GarageMote (older R1 version shown, all applies to R2):

GarageMote is a garage door controller shield kit for Moteino that can be used to remotely control a garage door from anywhere on the web or from your smartphone. There are commercial solutions that offer the same thing, but are more integrated with the opener. This solution requires assembly, and also installing this device on your garage opener.

This page applies to GarageMote R2. You can also find the instructions for the retired GarageMote R1 here.

GarageMote uses magnets mounted on the opener chain/belt to detect the door position; screw-drive openers might not be compatible with GarageMote or might need another way to detect the door position

GarageMote was created for several reasons. Mainly because as I’m adding more Moteino based home automation devices around my property, one of the nice things I wanted to be able to do is control the garage door remotely. It’s become so routine to close the garage door when I leave from home that sometimes when I’m already 5 or 10 minutes away I wonder if I actually closed it. And so I want to be able to check the door status and close it if it was left open by mistake, without having to drive back home. Or maybe it’s useful to be able to let someone in without giving them the garage code every time.