USB Serial Menu Options

With gradual firmware releases, many new features were added, such as a serial menu that allows changing the CurrentRanger’s behavior. See the firmware upgrades page for details how to get your CurrentRanger’s firmware updated.

You may alter certain parameters from the serial menu accessible over USB. This allows to easily change parameters such as the calibration values, toggle logging via USB or Bluetooth serial header, toggle Auto-Off function. Some of these changes are saved into memory (ex. calibration values), some are not (ex. toggle USB logging). Below is a sample screenshot of the menu and toggling of some options.┬áIt is also possible to control the CurrentRanger through this serial port – ex. change the range or toggle LPF, see all options below.

Ensure you follow proper precautions when you have the USB connected without isolation.
This menu is displayed once at startup, you may re-display it any time by sending a ‘?’+Enter in the serial monitor.
This menu is subject to change and other new features may be added.

Here are some of the main available options: