Low Pass Filter function (LPF)

There is a hardware ~7kHz RC based Low Pass Filter at the output that can be enabled (or toggled) by tapping the nA & µA touch-pads simultaneously. This will cut down noise dramatically and will produce a clean smooth trace on the oscilloscope.

The output smoothness of the LPF comes at the cost of reduced bandwidth. Even so this is very usable even with fast MCU/transceiver sleep/wake/transmission transients without significant detail reduction.
You may change the RC values (0603 resistors) and make the LPF even more aggressive (lower cutoff point). This will reduce AC bandwidth even more but could be helpful in reducing noise even more for scope probing DC measurements. Many online calculator such as this one can be used to change the values of the filter.

Here is a sample of LPF in action, showing the original capture and the LPF activated capture: