Customer Feedback

We’re absolutely loving your product over here. The automated range switching with serial output over USB is fantastic. We have them set up to test our low power modes in an automated environment. I really can’t overstate how much the CurrentRanger has been a welcome addition to our testing tools. – Bill G., Renesas

I love your CurrentRanger, it has quickly become one of my most important tools to measure and optimize my low power hardware. -Daniel E.

These little CR’s are truly amazing! I have access to a Fluke 5522A Multi-Calibrator and they are well within the accuracy specification you state. -Jim H

Quick email to let you know that I’m supper happy with the current ranger :).
I wanted to thank you. -Boris D.

just wanted to thank you, I LOVE my new toy (currentRanger) !!!
I was so desperate to measure very low deep sleep current, now with the Oled screen it just so incredibely easy. thanks for the good job -Frédéric B.

Review by Michael L.

The CR works great. I also compared it to a high-end Keysight CX3324A (which I borrowed from a colleague) and the wave-forms look very similar – well done!
Please check the attached figure.  –Review by forum user chagai

I consider my CurrentRanger an absolute bargain. With all the options plus the sickening 27% VAT imposed by EU, I ended up paying just over $200. This compact marvel will readily solve my childhood dream project challenge, the ultimate crystal radio instrumentation , a “final frontier” in Low Power. I am very happy and grateful for Felix’s fabulously improved product, and I have no problem paying for it. Actually, I would have been willing to pay even more. It is all in the eye of the beholder. Call it a toy if you must, but “He who dies with the most/best toys wins”. And I will have a blast playing with it. -DAVID999383 (youtube)