Bluetooth / data logging

CurrentRanger has a serial header that will output serial data in the following format when a HC-06 BT serial device is detected (detection is done during power-ON):

123E-x – followed by newline, where x is the range (3=mA, 6=uA, 9=nA). Example: 2345E-3 is scientific notation for 2345mA.

The HC-06 Bluetooth module is recommended since it’s well supported and easy to use. It usually comes set to 19200/115200 baud. The default CurrentRanger firmware serial header baud is set to 230400, so you need to match this baud in the HC-06 module using the AT command set (by issuing the AT+BAUD9 command), see this link for more details.
It is reported that the new HC-06 modules (flashed June 2017 and later (get firmware version via AT+VERSION) have a different behavior: 9600baud default speed and both NL & CR are required. To change port speed issue command AT+UART:230400,0,0.

Here’s a sample capture of a RaspberryPi booting up, captured on the Arduino IDE’s serial plotter (mA range):