Auto power off function

Another unique feature of the CurrentRanger is its ability to power itself off, and draw a quiescent current of only 0.6µA while powered off. This yields a shelf life limited only by the self-discharge of the LiPo battery.

The firmware has a hardcoded 10 minute inactivity timer. When this timer expires the CurrentRanger automatically powers off to. Any time any of the 3 range touch-pads are tapped, this interval resets. Auto-ranging has no effect on this timer, you must physically touch the pads to reset this interval.

The buzzer (if installed) will start beeping a warning sound 5-6 seconds before power-off occurs. You can still touch any of the 3 range pads to prevent power-off and reset the auto-off interval during this final warning.

The hardcoded power-off timer can be changed in firmware. Also, there is a PCB solder-jumper that can be cut open to permanently disable this feature.