CurrentRanger is a current meter featuring auto-ranging, uni/bi-directional modes, Bluetooth data logging options and more.

It is a highly configurable and affordable ultra low-burden-voltage ammeter, appropriate for hobby and professional use where capturing fast current transients and measurement precision are important.


Quick Highlights

Here are some of the features of this instrument which sets it apart:

  • Low noise zero-offset with 3-ranges (1mV output per nA/µA/mA)
  • Low input burden voltage, high precision & bandwidth analog outputs
  • Increased flexibility and usability with several input and output terminal options
  • Auto-ranging capable
  • Use standalone with a small OLED display or with a multimeter/oscilloscope
  • Ultra fast range switching between any ranges (even nA to mA) without any glitching/bouncing of a mechanical switch
  • Low Pass Filter mode – very useful to capture low noise  signals on oscilloscopes
  • Unidirectional mode – most used mode in measuring DC currents ranging from [0, 3.3A]
  • Bidirectional mode – split supply biasing allows AC currents measurement ranging from [-1.65A, 1.65A]
  • LiPo battery powered – long life and extended measurement range
  • Auto-power-off
  • Full digital control for power & range switching via touch pads
  • OLED display option to read output with usable precision
  • Datalogging possible via Bluetooth serial module
  • SAMD21 Cortex M0+ powered, change firmware to your needs
  • Optional buzzer for audible feedback

Non-sponsored review by Andreas Spiess