Why ATXRaspi?

To keep costs low, embedded systems like RaspberryPi don’t usually have a shutdown button like desktop computers. To avoid SD card corruption a login is required to shutdown your RaspberryPi or embedded system, instead of just pulling the power cord. This can be inconvenient when your Pi  is not easily accessible or has no keyboard. Or perhaps your Pi is inside your standalone product with no network access – common examples are retro gaming consoles using Raspberry-Pi. You would then like to offer your customer the ability to gracefully restart/shutdown from the touch of a button, without having to login, and also cut power off to the Pi. ATXRaspi solves this problem by allowing you to have a shutdown button that will issue a shutdown/reboot signal to RaspberryPi for you.

The ATXRaspi name coincidentally hints to the ATX computer form factor. However it has no implicit meaning or association to the ATX computer form factor.