RetroPie Nin10do game console

Retro gaming enthusiast Daniel Spies has put together a wonderful RetroPie game console that can emulate popular consoles like NES, MEGADRIVE, PLAYSTATION and has shared his project for posterity. He designed a 3D printed case in Autodesk123D with a stepper motor operated front cover, indicator LEDs, ATXRaspi for power and reset control, and of course the RetroPie for the RaspberryPi OS. It’s one of the most polished projects I’ve seen from an amateur maker/hacker and it includes a series of very detailed youtube walkthroughs of the entire hardware+software setup.

Due to copyright reasons, Daniel’s shop was forced to be closed, and all his guides, video materials, and even project page were removed. What a bummer. The rest of this information is kept here for reference.

Here are some snapshots I captured that highlight some of the details of the project: