ATXRaspi is the most versatile smart power controller for RaspberryPi. It enables turning off or rebooting your Pi from the press of a button, without needing to login to run those commands through the console/ssh.

Here are the features of ATXRaspi:

  • To turn ON the Pi all you have to do is press the power button.
  • To REBOOT the Pi hold the button pressed at least 0.5s and less than 2s. When the reset hold time is met the button LED dims a little bit (after ~500ms). The SHUTDOWN signal pulses shortly and the Pi (via shutdowncheck.sh script) will detect this pulse and start a reboot sequence. The status LED blinks for up to 1 minute while waiting for the reboot to complete (and BOOTOK signal to become HIGH again).
  • To SHUTDOWN the Pi you have to hold the button pressed for at least 2 seconds. The SHUTDOWN signal goes HIGH and the Pi goes into shutdown sequence. While shutdown is in progress the button LED will pulse slowly. When shutdown is complete (BOOTOK goes LOW), the status LED pulses faster and ATXRaspi cuts power off to the Pi after a few more seconds.
  • Use with momentary buttons (R1+) or latching switches (R2.7+)
  • It’s also possible to completely power off your Pi from the command line, see this page for details.
  • To FORCE-OFF power – hold the button pressed for about ~8 seconds to cutoff power regardless of any other conditions. This may be handy when the Pi is in an unknown state or is locked up/frozen.

The ATXRaspi forum is a good place to share projects and see what others have done. Here’s a nice example of how a user integrated ATXRaspi in a home media center.