Author Topic: OTA success, but sketch doesn't work  (Read 281 times)


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OTA success, but sketch doesn't work
« on: August 31, 2020, 12:03:29 PM »
Recently I've upgraded my existing Moteino with flash storage, because I want to use OTA  :)
I've the following situation:
- programmer node with RFM69HW
- target node with RFM69CW

I'm using Moteino wireless OTA programmer v2.0.7461 (Windows).
When I trigger the OTA, everything looks fine, I get following message:

TX> FLX:596:064A7A001C2C1C0D0A00BB RX> FLX:596:OK
Moteino: [FLX?OK]
SUCCESS! (time elapsed: 21.75s)

However, on the target node I get only this in serial console:
17:44:35.137 -> SPI Flash Init OK!
17:44:35.495 -> Started
After that, everything is stuck - in main loop I've added some blinks and serial output, but nothing works. Then I have to re-upload the sketch with cable.

Any idea what may be wrong? Should it work, if programmer has HW radio, but target CW ?

And one more thing, I've noticed that my flash chip has same model, but different number markin as the one, that Felix uses:

Is maybe that the problem?