Author Topic: RegOcp settings for Tx and Rx  (Read 458 times)


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RegOcp settings for Tx and Rx
« on: February 21, 2017, 07:48:34 PM »
Hello All:

Looking at the Datasheet, section 3.3.7 High Power Settings, table 11, the RegOcp (0x13) (Over Current Protection) should be disabled for High Power, but it should be enabled for Rx - value 0x1x (or PA0 use).

However, looking at the library, the setHighPowerRegs(bool onOff) only sets the Reg_TestPA1 and Reg_TestPA2 registers for when Tx or Rx according table 11, but not the RegOcp. This latter one is only fixed by the hardware (HW or H), and not when Tx or Rx mode. Is there any implication from this?