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CurrentRanger / Re: AutoRange Mode
« Last post by dcarri32 on July 15, 2019, 06:37:46 AM »

He solved my problem. It was simply that I did not configure the autorange mode well.
Now I am monitoring correctly the consumptions but now after a while the Current Rnger turns itself off.
I have it powered with a usb port on my computer.

CurrentRanger / AutoRange Mode
« Last post by dcarri32 on July 15, 2019, 04:56:51 AM »

I am monitoring the consumption of a device in stanby mode. The device always consumes 37uA. I have activated the autorange mode with the Current Ranger (LPF activated). The problem is that suddenly the LPF is deactivated only and it starts changing to mA with values ​​of 0, when my device consumes uA. At this point, I have to manually press the uA again to continue with the monitoring.

What is the problem?

The 8mhz will use a few uA less (~3uA quiescent current drained by the LDO) since the LDO is not present. Otherwise you can use whatever transceiver you want, HCW or CW. I would recommend with HCW for any project, you can dial down the power to 13dBm if you really want to, or anywhere in between using the RFM69_ATC functions.

The LDO-less Moteino-8mhz runs at half the speed of regular 3.3V Moteinos based on atmega328p, the advantage being a bit lower power and ability to go down below 3V operation, allowing you to run from a variety of batteries.

Speaking of range and transmit power, is it correct to assume that LDO-less variant of Moteino (aka Moteino 8Mhz variant) may NOT be a good fit for valve control given the limited (13dBm?) transmit power, and the fact that valve controller may be far away from the control/central hub (~2000ft).

Or am I misunderstanding this, and I can use HCW (20dBm) radio with 8Mhz variant too?

Pi Gateway / Re: gateway v9 httpendpoint api
« Last post by Felix on July 12, 2019, 03:39:16 PM »
Yes that would be a good addition, thanks.
I will consider doing it but I'm not sure when I get to it.
Maybe you could try it on your own given the pattern that is in place already.
Pi Gateway / Re: gateway v9 httpendpoint api
« Last post by Lukapple on July 12, 2019, 10:19:34 AM »
I'm already using it with HomeBridge, using custom api.js for reading data from database.

@Felix httpendpoint is probably used just for posting data to gateway or is there also a way to read current node data from DB file?

I need this to read a current temperature data of specific node from DB file. I'm currently using custom api.js script to achieve this, but it would be really great if Gateway officially supports this.
I think that extending httpendpoint funcionality with "read node data" shouldn't be problem, using:
db.findOne({_id:parseInt(id)}, function (err, doc) {...

Projects / Re: Moteino Based Battery Operated Sprinkler Valve
« Last post by TomWS on July 12, 2019, 07:27:02 AM »
Sent a PM to iron out details.
Projects / Re: Moteino Based Battery Operated Sprinkler Valve
« Last post by lowpowerfarm on July 12, 2019, 02:20:23 AM »

Firstly, thank you Tom for making your design available. Its awesome (from whatever little hardware knowledge I have :P)

I am thinking of using your design on my farm (details [1]). In my setup, I have a cluster of 3-4 valves that I need to control, and was wondering what will it take to incorporate the ability to control one of these in your design. The alternative is to just have one Moteino per valve -- which seems to be an overkill, given that these 3-4 valves are all in close proximity.

(Warning: I am *not* a hardware person by trade), Do I need an analog demultiplexer (something like these [2]), that can dump the triggering pulse (~12V/2amp?) to appropriate output (controlled by another set (2 for 4 outputs?) of control lines to the demux from the moteino)? If so what would be the appropriate way to wire this? Or is there are better/cheaper ways to do the same?

Thanks in advance for your advice/thoughts!

Elevation is always ideal, if you can achieve it, at least 1 end will also help.
Thanks for your prompt reply.

Will prototype with RFM69HCW and see how things pan out. Thanks for the tips on RF Antenna. w.r.t mounting, is it OK if just the central hub mounted at an elevation (say on a 10ft pole) and rest of the nodes (sensor+valve-control) are at ground level, with shrubs/trees in between them, or do these nodes also need to be mounted high up?

Yes, will report back once I have something useful/working (need to decide if I can use `TomWS` (excellent) hardware design for battery valve control (will start a separate thread for that), or build something different).


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