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TrapControl - a "small" Moteino project
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:29:20 PM »
Hi all,

once  upon a time, I started here with this thread asking some questions:,976.msg6947.html#msg6947

Now, in the next weeks, I will go out in the wilderness with my small project, called "TrapControl".

It was much more complicated  and took much more time as expected.

A short description, what was the target of this project:
In Germany, only life catching traps are allowed and in some federal states, the hunters have to check the traps twotimes a day and/or have to use an electronic system to monitor the traps. Unfortunately, these (commercial)Systems are quite expensive (~ 200 ) and in each of these systems sou have to use a simcard, which raises the costs again.

So the first idea was to implement a TrapControl-System, which uses standard electronic parts and is therefore much cheaper.

The second idea was to make a System, which not only Monitor the traps, but also "Control" the traps. E.g. checks, if an animal walked in ( e.g. using PIR-Sensors) and closes the doors, e.g with servos, solenoids, motors.

The third idea was to avoid false positive triggerings and combine two or more sensors, e.g. only when sensor 1 and 2 triggers in a period of time, the trap will be closed.

And, of course, one very early idea was to implement a "local gateway", equipped with a GSM-Module, which holds a "trap database" of some traps nearby, which send their state to this local gateway using the Moteino 868MHz-Network.

And the local gateway send his state and the state of the connected traps via SMS, Phonecall or using a special website to the owner of the traps.

Also, some Control from the desktop should be possible: e.g. sending a sms to a trap or a local gateway and this trap or all traps talking to the local gateway will not close the doors, although when the PIR-sensors detected a motion (e.g. when I'm on a business trip).

... and some more ideas (e.g. only closing in defined time windows, time synch using the acknowledge answers of the gateway, configuration software, ...), also out of this forum are implemented.

So, it's more or less done. Some final tests, some soldering and probably PCB-ordering somewhere in the middle-east and we will go out in the forest.

Roundabout 4-5000 LOC (to be honest not optimized - more "PASCAL" then really C++-Programming  :-[) and ...

Code: [Select]
Binary sketch size: 65.100 bytes (used 50% of a 130.048 byte maximum) (1,46 secs)
Minimum Memory Usage: 13402 bytes (82% of a 16384 byte maximum)


Spoken in Hardware, there may be connected in maximum 4 PIR-Sensors, 2 REED-Sensors, 2 Solenoids, 1 GSM-Module and 1 RTC to the Moteino (yes, I'm nearly running out of PINS  ;D).
In a normal local gateway it's only 2 PIR-Sensors, 2 Solenoids, 1 GSM-Module and 1 RTC to the Moteino.

The project is non-commercial, the moteino-firmware as well as the configuration software as well as the construction / software manual will be downloadable from the projects website - but this is only in German.

... just to give all, who helped me (especially Felix and TomWS) an idea, what was the result out of my postings / stupid questions.

So, if you have any questions ...

Kind regards,

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Re: TrapControl - a "small" Moteino project
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2016, 05:59:27 PM »
Congratulations!  I'm glad you have it 'working' finally.  I'll have to get my daughter to translate your website for me, however! 

Are there photos of the trap?