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Remote lighting control project
« on: August 17, 2013, 01:33:08 AM »
I'm going to use a group of the Moteino r2 for remote LED lighting control in an upcoming project. Planning to use Processing and G4P Gui Builder as a front end GUI on a PC. The circuit I'll be controlling is a phase control LED dimmer. On each Moteino end-device I plan to use a single channel SPI digipot to interface into my phase control dimmer circuit. Anybody have any example code for a "gateway" Moteino which I can use as a coordinator for the small network I am building? What i hope to do is interface the "coordinator" Moteino via USB and use Processing to send/receive the lighting setup variables by end-device address. Anybody with some ideas for setting up a quick coordinator/gateway Moteino for testing? I see SOME examples here and there, but a lot of it is regarding remote programming, which really isn't what I want to do as you can surmise. Let me know! Any help on quickly setting up a "coordinator" on the PC side and at least 1 end-device would be greatly appreciated. From that, I can hack the rest, just need a simple leg up here. I am sure someone on this forum has been there and done that and so can save me a lot of trial and error just setting up and configuring the 2x or so beginning test Moteinos so that's why I am asking. Help if you can. Thanks!


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