Author Topic: Low power cellular gateway device to communicate with wireless Temp sensors  (Read 534 times)


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I am looking for LoW power cellular gateway hardware which easily to connect with Wireless modem and receive the data from wireless AC current sensors.

With the help of Gateway hardware, I want to send the output of the wireless sensor to Azure portals from stream analytics.
Any advice here will be a great help.


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From my past experience, Azure can get expensive quickly.  It was on the order of $50/month to host an app that interacted with a wireless lock.  It may have been able to do cheaper through Azure, but I found it slightly confusing when I used it in late 2017.  I dont know about any solutions for low power cellular gateway hardware.  A non cellular option might be LoRa radios, expecially if “The Things Network”, TTN, is in your area.