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Re: coin cell powered R4
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Does anyone have any thoughts on the LTC3525 in relation to the other boost regulators mentioned?  I have used them with success and learned of them from the jeenode micros.
I have opted for them over direct battery because of them being able to pull power from a battery that has almost no voltage.  Does that approach have merit?

If you're using coin cells you have to watch inrush current when the regulator turns on. This can be a PITA because the internal resistance of coin cells causes the voltage to dip, especially if they're getting close to depletion. The inrush current pulses can be several times the max rated output current of the regulator if you're not careful. It's best to choose a regulator with a separate soft start capacitor if you can, or failing that a high side switch that is aggressively slew rate controlled.