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Sending Message to multiple receivers
« on: October 06, 2020, 06:45:19 AM »
First of all congrats for the library.
I am currently using for a project but I have an issue. I will try to explain the communications architecture first because maybe here could be the issue.
What I need to do is to read a "channel" from multipleswitch input in run time, which is currently working fine, and when an external trigger happens, the device has to send a message to all the devices which are in the same "channel". This trigger must be received by all the target devices.
How I have implemented now is setting the radio.targetID = radio.senderID = "channel" read from the microswith.
I am using sendwithretry, the receivers are sending the ack when they receive the message.
It works fine when two devices one sender and one receiver, but not when i add another one. I think is because the sender is not handling properly the ack received, but how i could handle multiple acks when the sender don't know how many it could received?
An idea could be when the device sends the message answer all the ACKs receive during a shortperiod of time. Any help will be more than welcome, thanks!