About Low Power Lab

LowPowerLab is a Limited Liability Company located in Canton, Michigan, USA.

LowPowerLab is a family owned business offering high quality low-power electronic hardware prototyping  and low-to-mid run production services. See our online shop with some of the standard kits and development boards. We can customize our standard products to fit your specifications and budget.

LowPowerLab is focused on:

  • Physical computing and wireless technology – mainly sub-Ghz for long range monitoring and control of connected devices
  • Low power, long battery life electronic design
  • IoT (Internet of Things) paired to cloud-less storage solutions
  • monitoring, control and automation for residential, commercial, industrial, environmental, farming and scientific applications
  • Power path control and instrumentation for low power electronics
  • 3D printing for prototyping

For private business inquiries, consulting requests, feedback or support please use the contact page. For support and non-private business please use the LowPowerLab forum.

Felix’s Bio

Felix graduated summa cum laude from ASU with an Engineering degree in Computer Systems. Has spent about a decade in the corporate world as a software engineer and has since started LowPowerLab to develop his own vision and products.

This website was first published in 2012 as Felix’s personal blog, to share his electronics research and development.