CurrentRanger updates

Thanks to MGX3D there are now some nice improvements to the CurrentRanger:

  • Firmware updates and optimizations, battery icon instead of text (faster drawing)
  • Improved sampling speed
  • Smarter Auto-Off – avoids turning off when sampling via USB
  • more menu items and options
  • Fusion360 models now available, see this page for links

There is also a new improved OLED enclosure model designed by MGX3D as well. This is also available to pick up in the webshop or you can print your own – models available here and here.

There is now also a python based graphic visualization GUI designed by MGX3D and available here on Github, check out its features and specs on Github, mainly it brings the ability to view serial data from the CR in logarithmic scale and also in autoranging mode, w00t! Here’s a preview of that GUI available for Windows/Linux (and MacOS planned):

A word on using the CurrentRanger

It seems some folks are too excited to try it out and miss reading some of the guidelines on proper usage, this is really important not to overlook. I have seen a few strange cases of abused units that were returned. It turns out it’s never a DOA condition or anything related to a real fault. All units are tested, calibrated, turned ON/OFF etc, to ensure they are functional. Faults are usually a case of improper use, improper soldering or attaching of headers and terminals which cause damage to SMD components, the OLED, etc. Here’s an example of how to not solder the OLED header, or at least not how to leave the board after a solder job, this will cause all kinds of problems (corrosion, possible leaks and faults on the board):


Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the feedback and positive response and interest into CurrentRanger. When used properly with love and care, it is an amazingly versatile and ultra-portable tool that will work for many years without any trouble. There are plans to make it even better and constructive feedback is always welcome and encouraged. Don’t forget that WELECTRON Germany is now our official distributor in Europe and carries the CurrentRanger as well as many other products.

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