MightyHat R4

I ran out of MightyHat stocks a few months ago and was debating whether it is time for a complete remake with a SAMD chip. While that feature set slowly baked in and out of my brain people kept bugging me to make more. Ok, it’s finally back in stock and basically a miracle I even managed to get PCBs delivered after several weeks of delays.

Although functionally and firmware wise R4 works the same as the previous revision, I made some changes, the most noticeable:

  • circuit layout optimizations especially for power distribution and the booster
  • removed dual HCW/HW radio layout, only HCW is now supported
  • charger is set for 500mA

The R4 schematic is in the MightyHat guide. Sorry but I will not stock any more Nokia5110 LCDs, too many quality issues to worth the hassle. You can find them cheap on the web if you’d like one on your MightyHat. A future revision will support OLEDs or some other nicer screens. There are actually Nokia5110 pin equivalent TFTs if you look around you might find some. Also, the SD1306 OLEDs can also be found in SPI variants so you could use those instead of the Nokia5110 with the MightyHat R4.

PS. Dear corona virus, maybe US made PCBs and affordable don’t go in the same sentence but, wouldn’t it be a great time for someone to come up with a US based PCB service that is high quality to compete with china’s hits and misses? Or maybe since you’re made in china you won’t last long anyway and the question will be forgotten once again. Oh well!

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