New Dipole Antenna Review & How-To

I’m pleased to introduce a new version of the PCB Dipole Antenna, a significant upgrade from the previous version. This has a nice VSWR of almost 1.0 at both 868Mhz (at default 78mm length), and 915Mhz (trimmed at 73.5mm). It could be trimmed anywhere down to 2.4Ghz but it will be a best performer for the wideband LoRa and FSK radios in the sub Ghz ranges. Be sure to check out the dipole section in the RF-Best-Practices Guide for more theory on the dipole antenna.

4 thoughts on “New Dipole Antenna Review & How-To

  1. Hi Felix,
    antennas looks great, but how do you convert balanced signal (what dipol is) to unbalanced signal (SMA)? There have to be some losses.

    • Yes there will be some loss but you may use a balun if you want to minimize those losses. In practice this dipole will perform better than the unbalanced monopole.

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