3D prints remover from scrap stencil

After you finally figure out the right settings and calibrate your 3D printer head and it makes prints that stick very well to your printer bed, it’s time to figure out how to remove the prints without damaging them. I went to HomeDepot to find a scraper but all are too thick and very rigid, and … $5+. I can do better.

There are many designs for a DIY print remover and most seem to be designed for razors. I see a few potential problems with razors:

  • too small
  • the utility knife blades are not flexible
  • if you’re not careful they can cut/damage:
    • the print bed if you’re not careful
    • you or loved ones 🙁

I have tons of old stainless steel stencils of various thicknesses, and all are very nice and flexible, perfectly thin to squeeze under a print and pry it off the bed.

I tried using one bare handed a few times and while its not as dangerous as a razor it’s still thin and if I try long and hard enough I will get injured. Sure you can dull it but I don’t like how short razors are, I wanted more of a proper scraper size.

So I made a handle to adapt and use stencils. It’s very easy to make, and much better than using a razor. I found a good design intended for razors, enlarged it and added screw mounting holes. You find this design on Thingiverse. The rest is just a self explanatory photo journal of how this is made.

Have a better idea or suggestion? Let me know!

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