New SwitchMote RECOM supply and sale!


The RECOM certified PSU used in the wireless SwitchMotes was a pretty expensive part of the kit. This was sourced from Digikey/Mouser and used to cost around ~$11 in volume. There is now a new PSU with identical size and pinout, very similar specs but even more certifications, weighs less, lower noise, same Austrian quality. The really great part? It costs just ~$6.50 making the SwitchMote kits price go down!

The SwitchMote2x10A, SwitchMote1x30A and SwitchMotePSU kits are now on SALE, check them out!


3 thoughts on “New SwitchMote RECOM supply and sale!

  1. Yeah Felix,
    I’m fine thanks, hope you too?
    Sorry I though the picture was the old one (RAC02-05SC) and they are the new (RAC02-05SGA), this is great, thanks.
    I need to check certification especially if that comply to EN 60730-1 part H.11.2.5
    “Protective impedance shall consist of two or more inpedances components of equivalent resistance values in series, which are connected between live parts and accessible parts. It shall consist of components in which the probability of a reduction of impedance during life can be ignored and the possibility of a short circuit is negligible”

    The one I have has only one Y1 capacitor (CY1) ;-(

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