SwitchMote PIR motion sensor option

Quite excited to announce the new PIR sensor option on SwitchMote, this was requested by a user and is finally available in the shop. The chosen PIR sensor was the ultra low power Panasonic EKMB1201111 (same as offered in the MotionMote Kit). It’s a fantastic sensor, very small fully contained package, the only down side is these sensors are expensive. For this reason the kit is now significantly discounted for a limited time! You may source your own PIR of course (and mention you want the PIR parts at checkout), a forum user reported the older revision of these sensors might be found for cheap on eBay.

The SwitchMote Guide was updated with instructions for this change. Mainly the kit will come with 2 buttons and the PIR instead of 3 buttons, along with a required 10K pullup and the front cover matching the PIR sensor. Here is the updated kit content, notice the front PCB is different:

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