DHL Express for international orders

Good news for international customers!
After a period of integration and API testing, DHL Express is now available for international orders!

Pricing on DHL shipments is dynamically fetched at checkout and ranges typically from $25 to $40 to most EU countries. In almost every case it will beat the USPS pricing of PRIORITY ($33 to most countries) and it totally obsoletes USPS EXPRESS ($60 for most destinations). The transit time is typically 4 days to western EU and about 5 days to eastern EU. Most other places should expect a similar transit duration. There will always be flawless full tracking to the destination address, as opposed to postal tracking which is only available to a few countries that have agreements with USPS and has recently been unexpectedly removed from countries like France, Italy, Denmark and others.

USPS will continue to be available as flat rate service. The big disadvantage of USPS for international shipments is that there is an exchange to the destination country’s postal system, and in many cases these government run postal systems are poor at best. This sometimes results in delays, invalid package routing, invalid or confusing or out of order tracking (if any), bad customs handling and overall poor customer experience – not because USPS didn’t do its part. But because countries like Germany (the irony is the Deutsche Post owns DHL!) or Italy have very poor and anal customs which are nothing but deterrents for using the regular post for shipping.

With DHL all this is a thing of the past because DHL is one of the (if not the) best (and fastest) courier service available. It handles the customs clearance brokerage for the end customer (sounds like it may add a fee for this service in some places) but the experience you get is incomparable to that of dealing with the local post office. International buyers still have to pay import taxes as required by your country laws.

This is still considered to be a Beta release and while integration and automation continues to be implemented in the backend and some details ironed out, you are encouraged to report any bugs or issues or provide any feedback for improvement. Hopefully DHL will improve shipping experience for those customers who opt for and are willing to pay for the better service!