MotionMote R3


I would like to introduce the new MotionMote R3 revision. The kit will be mostly the same, with the exception that it supports some exciting new options. Read on for details.


Here are the highlights of the new revision:

  • support for Panasonic ultra low power PIR sensors !
    While expensive, these sensors are really nice and compact. They are available in black/white and come in several variants, the lowest power being 1uA, 2uA and 6uA. Also there are long range (12m) and short range (5m). I tried both and for indoors both are working great
  • lower power overall – the circuit was optimized to reduce several uA of power usage regardless which PIR you use
  • support for soldering a BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure sensor (i2c pullups included on the PCB anyway) – this is experimental and the BME footprint will be unpopulated except for special orders
  • relocated the battery JST connector
  • replaced the power switch with a much more robust version
  • battery monitor now runs through a 1M+2M resistor network


The part I like most is being able to run this revision board on less than 10uA when using a Panasonic 2uA PIR sensor (and the BME also). This setup includes a sleeping stock Moteino (6.5uA) and a 2uA PIR shown in the photo above, soldered to a R3 MotionMote. These are expensive PIR sensors but compare that to a much larger idle usage of around 60uA when using the cheap and bulky chinese HC-SR501 PIR sensor.


This R3 revision still supports the 0.96″ OLEDs if you can find one. There’s a jumper pair on the back to allow swapping the VCC/GND on these since the pinouts are unpredictable but the default is VCC-GND-SCL-SDA.

Kits and documentation are being worked on and hopefully will be ready within a week or so. The kit included PIR sensor is still the HC-SR501. Depending on the response I may stock some Panasonic PIRs for those who would like to buy these.