John’s Gateway Deep Dive #2: Utility room node

I’m pleased to share another great video from John’s DIY Playground who has posted a detailed overview of his utility room node that can report the dryer status, detect water leaks and control his water heater. A nice example of not only surveillance but also control from a responsive interface he built on top of the Moteino Gateway stack. It’s quite a thrill to see other people innovate and build new truly useful things using some of the hardware and software building blocks I’ve created. He shares his project’s state diagram, explains his code, shows the KiCad design he made for integrating all the parts in a compact design, then moves along to install details and a demo of it in action. His adapted SMS-when-dryer-is-done event notifies him when the clothes are dry and the dryer ready for a new load, nice touch John.

1 thought on “John’s Gateway Deep Dive #2: Utility room node

  1. Thanks for the great tutorial/video. Enjoyed it very much.
    Just one comment about the schematics you showed: to my knowledge you have exchanged the collector and emitter of the NPN transistors. The collector should be on the Vcc side and the emitter at the GND side.

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