Gateway software update (v6)

The Moteino Framework Gateway software stack was updated and new sources are available at their Github repo, and also a new image with the changes is released (for the image link see the Gateway image page). Let’s call this v6, since it’s the 6th gateway image I’m releasing. This release addresses some bugs and adds some new features:

  • Added ability to make HTTP requests from a node using the node request module. This means you could include controls that trigger a request to some IP in the LAN/WAN and does something. This is really cool because it means we can have non-Moteino based nodes that speak HTTP instead of RF, like commercial wifi thermostats. Which leads to …drum roll
  • …the addition of a specific type of open API wifi thermostat (Radio Thermostat CT50) that allows full control of HVAC equipment. I will review it and blog about this addition whenever I get some time. Also added a new node type and icon for the water meter:
  • adding (injecting) a non-moteino node (ex for the thermostat I mentioned above) to the gateway nodes collection can now be done as easily as this (in the terminal screen, type a new node ID and “NEW” in the msg box, click SEND):
  • Graph auto scaling, requested and discussed in this forum topic. The yaxis scale will automatically scale depending on the data viewed, very useful for highly variable or granular metrics, see the thread for screenshots of before/after and specific code changes to allow this.
  • fixed a bug in the new log storage engine where negative data was stored as unsigned 32bit integers, thus being extracted as positive. Negative data should now be welcome.
  • don’t allow graph live incoming data values when the graph was panned/zommed into a specific region
  • migrated from sliders to top bar toggle buttons for node-visibility, metric-pinning, enable-graph. Sliders were a pain to work with.
  • lots of other refactoring and optimizations especially in the metrics.js and UI areas

I hope you enjoy the new release.

7 thoughts on “Gateway software update (v6)

  1. Works well here, I installed from your v6 image. Looking forward to experimenting with the HTTP requests feature. Thank you for all the hard work Felix!!

  2. Great work Felix – as usual.
    Do you think a Pi with the new 7in touch screen fitted will run the gateway without problems and allow the use of the screen to manage the nodes?
    I am thinking this will make a smart central controller for everything if it could be mounted in a “cool” case on a wall or something

    • Thanks Paul, yes I think as long as the display is not clogging the Pi’s resources and it can run like a display and touch interface to run a native x interface or whatever the Pi provides, it should just work. I did not try it but i’d be interested as well. As far as keeping the central Pi node in a common area that’s something I would probably not advocate. I mean depending on how secure you want it to be. Perhaps a second Pi that just does the UI interface with the display can be in a central location, at the added expense of a Pi.

      • Hi Felix

        You could be right about the second Pi – I did not think that far but you are probably right, keep the gateway as is.

        In my case it will go either in my self built network rack with my switch and HP micro servers, or close to my internet connection router where it comes into the house.

        Then a second Pi with the screen, mounted to access the control features (and other stuff) in the kitchen maybe – the central hub of the house.

        A second Pi is not a massive expense, and if I can add the screen and tie it in to other things like a front door web cam, house security and my weather station it could be a cool gadget in the new kitchen we plan on getting.

        • For what it’s worth I have a setup similar to what you’re looking for:
          – banana pi pro + moteino (
          – 7″ touch screen connected through LVDS
          moteino sends the data to the PI though serial (40 pins are useful) – moteino powered as well by the PI

          I have raspian running on the box (although I tried a couple others like bananas OS) – tried to run zeroconf (avahi) to enable auto setup but that was a pain so you’ll have to edit the wifi config through ssh

          to run the web I use matchbox-window-manager and chromium – backend is node and it just sends the data to a web server on amazon, display data is ran locally – works pretty well – will send a screenshot if I have time later…

          • Wouldn’t it be cheaper and probably more versitile to have a “cheap” android tablet as this central controller?
            That is the way I have it setup and works quite nicely, in my case it is running my own android APP, but it could just as well be a browser pointing to the UI interface.

          • If you define cheap as under $50 for a setup then yes but it would still be a different type of app, this software stack is designed to run on a gateway to the wireless network, not as a direct UI interface.

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