SonarMote kits available

I have a limited offering of SonarMote kits. These are great for sump pump monitoring or parking aid (have a long car and a short garage?). Lots of people asked me to put these up, now the’re finally there. See the SonarMote page for more details/code and other project ideas, I will continue to add documentation there. The 1/16″ lasercut acrylic case plans and sample sketches are posted here. They work with 3.7v LiPo batteries which will recharge via the USB connector and they are also programmable via USB serial (FTDI onboard the PCB). They require a Moteino (no radio for projects like parking air or visual/audio feedback distance trackers, or with radio for things like the sump pump). It plugs right into the Gateway Framework and will start monitoring and logging distance as soon as you turn it on:


I love my standalone parking aid sensor based on SonarMote, it will light up the RGB LED green – yellow – then blink red faster and faster as you approach a set limit. When battery is low it blinks blue (every couple months or so on a small LiPo, recharge it via USB). Here are some action photos, also shown with an optional OLED display which plugs right into the SonarMote.

Unfortunately I cannot include LiPo batteries at this time because of the over complicated logistics and restrictions of shipping batteries. Most places online probably are breaking the rules when they ship you more than 2 batteries of certain capacities (by air) … but let them do it, sorry about that.