Featured project: Nin10do game console

Retro gaming enthusiast Daniel Spies has put together a wonderful RetroPi game console (Now on LifeHacker Australia!) that can emulate popular consoles like NES, MEGADRIVE, PLAYSTATION and has shared his project for posterity. He designed a 3D printed case in Autodesk123D with a stepper motor operated front cover, indicator LEDs, ATXRaspi for power and reset control, and of course the RetroPi for the RaspberryPi OS. It’s one of the most polished projects I’ve seen from an amateur maker/hacker and it includes a series of very detailed youtube walkthroughs of the entire hardware+software setup. Here’s the first part of the video series, where he’s building the wiring/electronics and fitting it into the 3D printed case:

Here are some snapshots I captured that highlight some of the details of the project:

The rest of the videos and more details of the build can be found at his Nin10do Hackaday.io project page. It was a pleasure watching him build this cool project so be sure to check it out as well!

2 thoughts on “Featured project: Nin10do game console

  1. That is really cool…i have all those components, except the ATX board,,I have a Raspberry,stepper motors ,usb ,and everything,,,but i dont need to get a print box made and dont need the open close actions or LEDs, or the on and off options,.. Can i get a more simple option with just raspberry ,?

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