Moteino Compost Sensor Network with Adafruit-FONA GPRS relay

I occasionally get emails from people that use my products in their projects and some of them are real gems. Other times I just run into them online somewhere or someone tips me off somehow. I did a poor job of keeping track of these but lately I thought I should start presenting the nice ones, maybe there are other people that have interest in similar things.

In this post I’d like to present a compost sensor network built by instructables member kinasmith. Who knew composting can be so interesting and complex.CompostNetwork2

It sounds like composting on a large scale requires careful monitoring of certain parameters so that the pathogens that aid in the process are kept happy and efficient. [Kinasmith] shows off a detailed and beautifully put together instructable that uses Moteinos, temp sensors and a solar powered Moteino+AdafruitFONA gateway to relay the data to his Sparkfun cloud, among other things. He goes into a lot of detail and I really like the nice touches and the effort that went into giving this project more than that hobby level feel. Check this cool project out on instructables.