Limited SonarMote and PiGateway offering

I worked on a project for inventory control and the hardware left over from that project is now available for sale for those interested to save time on assembly. There are a handful of assembled SonarMotes and a PiGatewayThese limited LowPowerLab artisan electronic creations are available in the webshop (all SOLD).

SonarMote is a project I worked on for some time last year for private projects, but was never released to the public mostly because of the economics of manufacturing it and the end cost of the whole kit. But otherwise they are great for distance measurement, sump pump or liquid level monitoring, parking sensors, and general purpose distance sensors, battery operated and wireless via onboard Moteinos, and easy drop-ins into your Moteino framework. For instance, I am using one of these to monitor my sump pump. Now the rest of the few assembled units can be all yours. They run on LiPo batteries (1500mAh included in case) and are rechargeable and programmable via USB port just like the MotionMote. Note all are RFM69 868-915mhz. The rest of the specs are posted on the product page.

The PiGateway is a unique build that includes an ATXRaspi and LED Switch, Moteino with RFM69HW 868-915mhz, 4GB SDcard with Raspbian and Nginx-node webstack, 2.1mm jack power adapter and slick black translucent acrylic case.