MoteinoMEGA pick & place assembly

I spent yesterday evening assembling boards and I shot this video. It shows a closeup of the pick and place assembling a panel of MoteinoMEGAs. There are some other posts I wrote related to pick and place technology you may want to check if this is something new to you. The main things to take from this video are:

  • effective CPH (components per hour) rating is affected in large by several factors like travel from pick position to placement position, travel speed, mechanical alignment in X and Y directions, vision alignment of each board, pick retries, dropped components, feeder reloading, feeder/tape jams, and many others.
  • some components require a medium pick/travel speed and fine settle placement because they are “special” and may flip or get misaligned.

I hope I will have the patience and time to write a more in depth article and share my experience with this machine and more gotchas about picking and placing. This is still a very much entry level machine, but a semi-pro one, so I would still consider it a “real” pick and place since it can assemble a full panel with hundreds/thousands of parts without ever touching the machine.

7 thoughts on “MoteinoMEGA pick & place assembly

  1. Very interesting post! 20 Moteinos in 8 and half minutes: nice, I wonder how long it was taking you doing it manually when making these first batches.

    How long does it take you to program the machine? Do you feed the data from your eagle files or is the programming custom to the machine?


    • It was taking a few times more than 8 minutes that’s for sure 🙂
      I use a script to pull the data out of eagle and line it up the way I want it for importing into the machine computer, then I just need to teach the panel, fiducials and the feeders.

  2. Neat video! Glad to see the Moteinos are doing well enough to justify this level of capital equipment.

  3. Hi Felix,
    Nice video! You’re definitely not a hobbyist anymore 😉
    Dumb question — how’s the solder paste applied; do you have a giant stencil that gets put on top of the entire panel?
    Eloy Paris.-

  4. Hey Felix,
    Thanks very much for your video, it’s always nice to see a process in action. Do you mainly use this for creating small batches of prototype’s or do you see that it has the speed capacity to meet higher levels of production?
    Kind Regards,

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