GarageMote R2 released

Happy new year folks!
The blog has been silent for a good while. For now I will just announce the new R2 revision of GarageMote and hope to catch up later. Here’s what this new revision consists of, and a few photos to show it assembled/installed:

It is mostly the same as before, but it includes the following new or changed features:

  • R2 kit comes with new unipolar hall effect magnetic sensors; the pinout is the same but these sensors can detect both north/south poles of a magnet, hence easier to install without having to orient the magnet a certain way for detection.
  • R2 kit includes magnets (rectangular ); these are better than round magnets that I’ve personally used before. My opener belt stopping point is a little variable so the length of the magnet helps keep the fixed sensor “in range” to avoid the sensor missing the magnet and trigger an UNKNOWN status.
  • R2 kit includes a 1×8 screw terminal for easy mating with the provided cat5 cable
  • R2 kit includes a momentary button between GND and D3 – no code released for this (yet) but this can  be used to add a function to your GarageMote – like SYNC-ing with a SwitchMote so you can open/close your garage from a SwitchMote button, how cool is that!
  • new 2.1 barrel jack for optionally powering the unit from an external 2.1mm jack power supply, commonly available on ebay or at major online electronics retailers

You can find the new kit in the online webshop. The assembly/programming/usage is published here.