Moteino now on!

IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately codebender announced they are shutting down on or after Oct. 20, 2016. Hence forth this page is only kept for reference and it will eventually be removed. The codebender programming instances below might become inactive, display an error or show a blank space once codebender shuts down these services. You are encouraged to start programming or move your code in the Arduino IDE.

This is really awesome news!
The guys at have done a great job creating an online place to create, edit, store, share your Arduino sketches. It’s very easy to install and use right in your browser!

UPDATE: Check the new Moteino Programming Guide.

And now Moteino has been added to their fleet of supported devices, along with the RFM69, SPIFlash libraries. Once your Moteino is connected to your computer, you can edit your sketch, or load the example(s) of the many integrated libraries (like the Node example in the RFM69 library) edit the settings to match your hardware and upload it to your board. Another awesome feature of codebender is embeddable sketches, that’s right, any sketch can be embedded in another web page, like the Node example below, you can upload it right from this blog post (see below for browser plugin requirements, or check this getting started guide):

To be able to use CodeBender you will need to create an account, then install a browser plugin that allows access to your computer’s serial ports, which in turn make it possible to reset and upload sketches to your Moteinos (or whatever other board you may have and they support). Also you need to choose your target board, protocol (USBtinyISP for Moteino) and serial port it’s attached to, then click “Run on Arduino” and that will compile/upload the sketch. That’s about it. Please check their getting started guide as well.

I warmly recommend using CodeBender with Moteinos since it’s easy and much nicer than the clunky Arduino IDE, and it’s probably going to get even better as they add more features. Plus I will work with them to ensure the libraries are in sync with the latest releases, and new examples will also be posted on CodeBender. Of course, you can always add your own sketches to your CodeBender repository, just like you did in Arduino, or you can clone an example and load your own settings and modify the code as you like. I will probably start using embedded sketches whenever I want to share code since it allows CodeBender users to upload it right from this blog rather than going to GitHub, copy pasting, making sure they got all the latest updated libraries, etc.

To celebrate this great milestone I am reducing the pricing on all Moteinos by $2, a saving of 10-15% depending on your options, to last through the end of December!

Happy CodeBending!

5 thoughts on “Moteino now on!

  1. i also use for my arduino projects, sometimes the serial port teases my, then i use the arduino ide to test in. But i always store my updated code on codebender. Like to be able to access my code anywhere, in a web based development tool 😉

  2. Yes, good news. I prefer a local development system, but a few times when I’ve encountered problems getting the Arduino IDE working, CodeBender “just worked”.

  3. I like it ! Love the idea of having all the librairies stored on a central location (and up-to-date).

    Works like on charm on my Mac with the Moteino R4 USB.

    Now, let’s start coding 🙂


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