Motion-OLED-Mote kit released

I am pleased to announce the release of the Motion-OLED Mote Kit. It is now available in the webshop. This kit can serve as a wireless motion sensor, mailbox notifier, display monitor for your wireless network. It’s extremely convenient when you just want to see if there is motion somewhere in your house, or if you just want to check your snail mail, without the need of a gateway or anything else – just build a MotionMote and an OLEDMote, keep one where motion needs to be detected and watch the messages coming on the display on the other unit. The onboard buzzer and LED give additional options to indicate visual and audio alerts when an event happens.

The kit contains most of the following components, depending on whether you order a Motion or OLED version. For more details about the assembly, programming, and usage you can visit this dedicated page.

This kit will build either one of these two display or motion-sensor units:

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