ATXRaspi code update

Hello ATXRaspi users!
The previous version of the script was running OK, but there was an obscure side effect which I had overlooked. The script was invoking “sudo sleep” in between checks of the shutdown signal from ATXRaspi, and this in turn was generating new entries in /etc/log/auth.log every time, yikes! Thanks to Chris L. for pointing this out. The problem with that is the Pi’s that run from SD cards will have continuous activity to the file system and onto the disk and hence increase the risk of data corruption after very many disk accesses to the flash media. As Chris noticed, this also produces over 300MB of log per week, which gets archive into about 7MB (gzipped), not terrible in terms of disk space usage but still highly undesirable. I have changed the script to remove this side effect and reflected the install changes on the ATXRaspi page.

UPDATE: A big improvement is also the change to a single setup script that needs to be run to install the shutdown script. No more dependency on WiringPi. Just type 2 commands and reboot your Pi and you’re done!

Another notable change was that I moved the install location from /home/pi directory to the /etc directory where system code should generally reside.

I encourage all existing ATXRaspi users to upgrade to the new script. Since this is the same script that would be used by MightyBoost+bare Moteino that emulates ATXRaspi behavior, they should use the same new script. As always, please feel free to report any issues and improvements, the forum is a good place to do so.