Adventures in Moteino with CuPID: Remote Temperature Monitor

What every new system design has in common these days is wireless. Like bacon, it just makes everything better.

Put a sensor wherever, read it from somewhere else. Put the power and control where you need it. For the CuPID/Pi, it is no different. [Colin] from [CuPID Controls] has build a great interface around Moteino nodes and has done a fantastic job documenting his build and code. He wanted to put remote sense and control modules out into the wild and read and aggregate them as it makes sense. All the setup steps including source code are shared in this blog post.

His code is based on a new innovative approach he himself has endeavored to develop, called the UniMote. Here’s how he describes it: we want our Moteino programming to be modular. For most or all applications, we want the same code to run on the ATMega, so that we can just reconfigure IO, control units, and other functions by remove parameter changes — without reflashing the code if at all possible. He posted about it in the forum, and here is the link to his blog where he goes into the details.

It gets hot up there in Portland and he wanted a convenient way to check when it’s “OK to come out for a drink”. What better way to do it then with a water-proofed UniMote’d Moteino temperature monitor installed on his porch? Portland is also very rainy and he needed to ensure his setup will endure a stress test:

As a final note here, his user interface to his system is quite impressive, Be sure to check out this great project on his blog.


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