Moteino Framework submitted to The Hackaday Prize!

The Moteino Framework (of connected things) is submitted to The Hackaday Prize. If you want to support this entry you can give it a “skull” on the project entry page. Here is the stage-1 video presentation and overview:

If it gets past the first stage I will continue to add more details and refine the entry. Thanks for your support!

11 thoughts on “Moteino Framework submitted to The Hackaday Prize!

  1. Felix, I am also looking to see if you can duplicate *Jeelab JeeNode and LCD plug with Character display. If so let me know what your prices are?
    How does your Moteino compare to JeeNode USB? Can you Duplicate to same specs? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jaime, Thanks, I am not really trying to duplicate anyone else’s work, but trying to be somewhat original. But to answer your question, I am working on a product that will have an 128×64 OLED that can act as a message receiver and run on battery. You can program it over USB and it can be in a small little box with a buzzer and button for more interfacing. Quick preview:
      There is a MoteinoUSB which is a Moteino+FTDI adapter, I think it’s pretty much very similar to Jeenode except it works with RFM69 radios in addition to RFM12B.

      • Hello Felix I appreciate your prompt response on my questions. I am also in need of this device to produce over 400 Mhz. What Mhz do you have that would fit my needs? Also would the antenna be included in the $16 purchase?

        Thanks again

        Jaime Rivera

  2. Hello Felix would you have a chance to speak with me and a colleague of mine. We would be most appreciative to take a little of your time. Let me know when may be a good time for you. Thanks

  3. Hello Felix, was wondering if by some chance I could give you a call to ask you a couple of questions. Let me know when may be a good time for you.

    Most Regards


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