Library updates & MoteinoMEGA support

Following the MoteinoMEGA release, the RFM69 library and examples have been updated to support MoteinoMEGA, there are significant changes to the library and you should get latest. The MoteinoMEGA Arduino Core has been released and needs to be installed in the Arduino/hardware folder (stable v1.0.5 tested working) before uploading to MoteinoMega. The Eagle source and schematic/board files are published in the LowPowerLab github repository. The Moteino page was updated to reflect the addition of the MEGA to the Moteino family.

The Wireless Programming library and examples are updated to fix bugs and support the MEGA as well. Another important change is the introduction of radio.ACKRequested() function in the RFM69 lib which should be used instead of the radio.ACK_REQUESTED variable. This ensures that ACKs requested by a broadcaster are ignored and only targeted ACKs are responded to. Please update your examples for proper wireless programming behavior. All examples have been updated to reflect this change. Also the SwitchMote sketch has been updated.

I consider this a major release and hence your constructive feedback and notification about anything that was omitted is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Library updates & MoteinoMEGA support

  1. Hi Felix,
    I’m trying to update some moteinos wirelessly but they keep timing out. I know the code is correct and I’ve updated the same moteinos before sometime last Summer. I wonder if the newer wireless programming python script and arduino libraries are incompatible with the old ones. I’ve switched computers and don’t have access to the old libraries/script to test. If it is a compatibility issues, do you happen to have the old python script or libraries to flash the gateway with? I could then flash the nodes with the new library and use the updated libraries to create an updated gateway for future updates.

    An I going down the right path?


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