MoteinoMEGA available now!

UPDATE: Library/Eagle files/MEGA Arduino Core/Example update notes are here.

It’s alive and it’s BLUE!

After long PCB manufacturing delays and a lot of headaches, the PCBs finally arrived, and I assembled the first batch of MoteinoMEGAs today and they are available in the shop.

Other news:

  • MoteinoUSB is also back in stock now.
  • Worth noting that all Moteinos have started to ship with MCP1703 regulator which allows up to 16V input.
  • MightyBoost is being worked on and should become available in a few days if all is well.
  • There is a major release of patches coming to the RFM69 library, wireless programming library, SPIFlash library, along with the new MoteinoMEGA arduino core that will be released soon.
  • DualOptiboot is will also be upgraded to V5 and is compatible with Moteino, MoteinoUSB and MoteinoMEGA. All these boards are wirelessly programmable via DualOptiboot and the FLASH chip. The MEGA board will have a limit of 64kb wireless image upload even though the total flash available is 127/128KB (DualOptiboot takes 1K).

Documentation and product pages are being worked on, so stay tuned for all these releases. Here is the pinout diagram for MoteinoMEGA:

16 thoughts on “MoteinoMEGA available now!

    • Thank you 🙂 No plans for a larger power shield at this point, I’d like to see more demand before I put all that work into it.

  1. Wow what a beast! This is incredible power in such a small package. Can’t wait for you to post Dua-Optiboot for this chip, so I can try it with my Xronos clocks.

  2. That was one swift delivery to UK. Five days from order to delivery at my door. My usual struggles with soldering the silver pads you use. I guess there is a coating that resists my flux.

    • It is simply HASL finish which should make it very easy (easier than ENIG) to solder to since there’s already solder on the pads.

  3. Hey Felix!

    Great work!! It’s really fantastic to see all this nodes you created!
    I would like to use them now on my project, but my sensors works on 5V, it is possible to “hack” the moteino/moteinoMEGA in order to make it work at 5V? Or maybe you can advice me on how to make a shield that can transform a 5VADC into a 3.3vADC?

    Thanks a lot!

    • You could use the PowerShield to get 5V from a battery, or you could use voltage dividers (10K + 4.7K works well) to divide 5V data signals down to 3.3V. Most sensors work at 3.3V but there are some (like the ultrasonic sensor) that need 5V power supply, while the data signals will still work with the Moteino (3.3V).

  4. I have a project idea that requires 8 PWM outputs but I see 3 of the available PWM outputs are already in use for the radio – D4, D6 & D7. Is there any way around this?

    • Not exactly, especially if you need all of the 8 PWMs simultaneously along with the transceiver. Maybe try an Arduino MEGA?

    • This is a little late, but you might use an I2C PWM controller like a PCA9685

  5. Felicitari pentru aceste proiecte interesante !
    Voi incerca sa imi fac timp sa le studiez mai cu atentie, mai ales acest Moteino care pare excelent si strict necesar la o gramada de aplicatii.
    Mult succes in continuare !

  6. What are the working conditions? (Environmental Temperature, humidity). I need it for composting :). Thanks.

  7. Salut si felicitari pentru tot ceea ce faci/ai facut! Pot folosi ca puncte de plecare MoteinoMega si DualOptiBoot pentru a dezvolta o noua placa bazata pe Atmega si cu functionalitati extinse?
    Totodata, as dori sa stiu daca exista un distruibuitor Moteino In Romania.

    Multumesc si mult spor in ceea ce faci!

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