SwitchMote R2 coming soon

UPDATE: It is now released (release notes). Assembly & guide is here. Kit available at the shop.

You asked and I’ve listened.
SwitchMote R2 is coming soon as a 100% kit, and should address most safety concerns and shortcomings of R1. I gave up the previous non-isolated design because of different considerations. The switching regulator was not able to work reliably beyond 185V from a half wave rectified input. Then lots of people talked about isolation and supporting loads higher than the 100W on R1. Well I came up with a design that is only slightly bulkier, and is fully isolated (3kV) through a UL certified PSU that supplies 5V @ 400mA for the electronics, uses a very compact coil relay with up to 5A @ 250V load. The design is also much more balanced and I’m happy with the result, the back cover plate uses 4 mounting spacers+screws, allows programming through the FTDI female connector. You can solder your wires directly to the PCB if you are required or you can use the traditional screw terminal. And lots more to talk about but more details will be included in the assembly and usage guide. And yes it works at 240V, doing timed testing right now:

The non-isolation part was of concern because of liability and because I am not a huge company to back it up. To prove my point, look at the tear-down photos of this IRIS switch, it uses a non-isolated design, will you buy it?

My design is still using a standard Moteino as the brains, currently using sub-Ghz radios. Maybe a future Moteino will sport a Wi-Fi radio like the CC3300. Some people asked for a dimmer solution, but there are several complications involving in such a circuit. I’m not sure I am willing to deal with the extra bulkiness or the heating from a TRIAC, plus that will not drive a load higher than a regular light. I am perfectly happy to be able to drive regular lights around my home from my Moteino home automation network, with a safe circuit that is easy to install and will fit in existing US electric boxes and switch plates. Parts are in stock, working on the assembly guide, stay tuned for the release.

4 thoughts on “SwitchMote R2 coming soon

  1. Much as I like the idea of an ssr so as to have everything solid-state, a reason for not using a triac/ssr is the problem of leakage through the snubber circuit which results in high efficiency lights and 220v leds (with built-in smps) turning on very briefly every couple of seconds. I had to downgrade all the iot light switches of which I was so proud. Unfortunately the good old-fashioned mechanical relay will be with us for a long time yet.

  2. I am definitely interested in getting one or more of your Switchmate R2’s when the kit becomes available. What I am not clear about is what equipment will be needed on the receiving end to control electrical outlets, etc.

    • The SwitchMote comes with a Moteino, on the receiving end you would also need a Moteino or Arduino+RFM69 radio.

  3. Thank you Felix!

    I’ve been waiting the R2 version, I’m glad it’s ready to order some units ASAP.

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