PCB trivia – can you spot the short?

Ah the joys of manufacturing …

This one drove me crazy, no short at a close inspection. But I was determined to find it. I ended up desoldering almost all components off thinking the short is under some cap or resistor, but the short was still there. I had to pull the microscope to track it down. Here’s a shot of the PCB through the scope. Can you spot the short?

4 thoughts on “PCB trivia – can you spot the short?

  1. Ouch! And that’s a hard short too. I was looking for a whisker someplace but that is way bigger. Is it on all boards (i.e. is it a mistake on the film) or was it just this one?

    • It was just this one. Probably some kind of particle or dust on the copper film which prevented etching in that spot. I’ve seen several of these types of bugs, chinese fabs are not really clean spaces.

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