7 thoughts on “Installed SwitchMote demo!

  1. Felix, it looks great! I look forward to them coming out. Let me know if you need someone to test them.

  2. I would really look into liability before you decide to market it. I always worry about someone blaming you for a problem and line voltage is not safe for the careless.


  3. Hey,
    I just want to add my name to the growing list of interested followers.
    Please, let us know when you’re ready to ship an initial batch. I’ve be very interested in tinkering with it.

    The only comment I will add, about design, is about the LEDs. At night, my personal preference would be to not have the LEDs glowing on the light switches, even thought they would be indicative of switch state. Ideally, they might time out, after you haven’t touched the switch for a minute. I realize you’ve previously mentioned they can be customized through code. Are you planning on releasing the sketch and any libraries for the switchmote?

  4. I am planning on ordering a few motes to put in the garage for the door and our heater, I’d love to get an early switchmote so that I can test and use the extra buttons to signal the door and heater, etc

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