Switching mains/lights with Moteino

Here’s a peek at another project I’ve been working on lately, SwitchMote. It’s a compact shield for Moteino that has a mains switching power supply and a solid state relay to drive a mains load. I’ve designed this to work for lights. The idea is to replace a single regular light switch with this so that I could control lights from the home-automation controller, while allowing it to be operated manually as well. An LED indicates the status of the light/load (LED on when light off).

The first challenge was to fit it in a 1-gang electrical switch box allowing plenty of space for the mains copper wiring. Another challenge was to make it similar to the Wemo which allows wiring of the switched load either way (without having to know in advance which wire is actually coming from mains and which is going to the load). Looks good so far but I need to tweak it a little bit to include more transient protection. A 3D printed or molded casing would be nice too.

I would hope this could see the light of day as a commercial product, but it would require UL/CSA certification at least, and I figure that’s really expensive and I’m not really sure what it takes. I might release it later as open source if there’s serious interest. But mainly wanted to show how Moteino can control real stuff. I plan to integrate a working demo of this in my home automation so that I could turn some lights on-off or perhaps set a schedule for my garage lights to turn on at night automatically.

4 thoughts on “Switching mains/lights with Moteino

  1. Sweet! If not sharing the whole thing, would you mind sharing how you powered the mote from mains power?

    • Well it’s not really ready for prime time, and I am missing some parts that I want to add so I don’t want to go into details just yet. The supply is an inductorless switching supply that is not isolated from mains, charges a cap thorugh a fet using a resistor feedback loop. Will really need to consider if this will become a real product, need to do more homework on that legal stuff and certing.

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