Moteino R4, GarageMote & more

There is now a new Moteino revision!

Actually two to be entirely correct: the R4 and R4-USB. The R4 will replace R2 and R3, since it will be able to host either RFM12B or RFM69W / HW transceivers. The R4-USB is a combination of R4 and FTDI adapter, all in one board.

I think R4-USB made sense since MoteinoLeo was not exactly up to my expectations and a lot of people probably want a permanent base station that has the receiving end and the USB built in for easy serial output. I guess this is also an opportunity to mention that MoteinoLeo is retired at this point. I have really wanted to like the Atmega32u4 chip it but it really didn’t rise up to what I had hoped.

Moteino R4 is now shipping in place of R3 so you might already have gotten and R4 if you ordered R3. I didn’t have time to update all the store photos but should get that done soon. Functionally they work the same, and all pins are preserved including on the R4-USB. In the future R2 and R3 will merge into R4 in the webshop, resulting in a total of 1 product instead of 4. I have yet to add the Moteino R4-USB to the shop and figure out the price.

I will need to find some time to update the Moteino page with all these updates and post the latest Eagle files as well.

GarageMote is also now available as a kit in the webshop, and there is a soldering and usage guide here.