ATXRaspi 2.1 released

ATXRaspi now comes in red soldermask!
Other than that a few things were moved around a little to make more space for the 2.1mm barrel input jack which previously could only be soldered without the uUSB connector.
The LEDs have been rearranged to match the “BootOK” and “Shutdown” silkscreen markings – each is now next to the relevant LED for less confusion.
Also the button is now taking only about 3 seconds to hold until a shutdown is triggered, and a total of about 7 seconds for an unconditional power cutoff.


2 thoughts on “ATXRaspi 2.1 released

  1. Hi,

    is it possible to configure it to use a normal flip switch?

    i Want to use the ATXRaspi as an powersupply for a “NES”berry pi. the Problem is that the Switch at the Front is kind of an Flip Switch if it is pressed it gives + the whole time.

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