FTDI adapter now available

UPDATE: Eagle schematic and layout are in their github repo.
There is now also a Moteino-USB version which includes the FTDI adapter and the Moteino all in one at a combined lower price.

Some people have been asking for FTDI adapters for programming Moteinos to avoid having to buy them from another store and hence pay shipping/handling twice. So I created one. It’s actually based on the Adafruit FTDI-friend which was a very good design. Here are the features:

  • 5V power level (default) – adjustable to 3V
  • 3V logic level (default) – adjustable to 5V
  • pin 6 is RTS (default) – adjustable to DTR
  • RX/TX LEDs
  • The pinout is standard [ GND – CTS – VCC – TX – RX – RTS ] and will work with any Arduino clone that has this as a programming interface.
  • compact layout

The underside of the board contains some jumpers that are shorted for the default settings mentioned above (5V power level, 3V logic level, pin6 = RTS) – these are standard settings that come with the FTDI cables and should work in most instances. Hackers may want to switch these settings – for this the default shorts need to be cut with a razor blade and the other jumper needs to be shorted by soldering the jumper pads together.

I’m working on sourcing some USB cables to go with these soon. Here are more images and the schematic: